Tinkerine Ditto Pro 3D Printer, 50-300microns Layer Resolution
Meet DittoPro, the long-anticipated addition to the Tinkerine family. Being the big cousin of Ditto+ and Litto, DittoPro not only stays true to their high standards in performance, aesthetics, usability and affordability, but also raises them tenfold. Designed for professionals and consumers alike, this is a printer that is truly timeless and accessible to the world. Elegance meets robustness Following their past generation models, DittoPro 3D Printer continues to feature their elegant, industry-first Open c-frame design. But this time, the classic look comes in a tough, shiny exterior. Crafted out of uni-piece aluminum composite shell, DittoPro 3D Printer has the dashing charm to deserve a space on your office table. Professional performance Thanks to premium quality parts and the robust construction, DittoPro 3D Printer delivers superb, professional performance. It boasts a massive build volume, ultra-fine resolution, blazing fast speed and much more. Once it gets down to work, it’s not hard to see that DittoPro 3D Printer truly lives up to its name. Work in peace One of the first things you would notice about the DittoPro 3D Printer is how quiet it is. Operating at extremely low decibels, the printer understandingly fades into the background to provide you with an undisturbed working environment. DittoPro 3D Printer works hard while you work hard; it’s the best teammate and support you could ever ask for. Less Than

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  • Tinkerine Ditto Pro 3D Printer – Print Bed – 4x Print Bed Clips – SD Card – USB Cable – Power Cable – Filament Spool – Test Print – Tinkerine 1 Year Warranty
  • Build Volume: 22 x 16.5 x 22cm / 8.7 x 6.5 x 8.7″
  • Filament Diameter: 1.75mm / 0.06″
  • Layer Resolution: 50 to 300 microns (0.05 to 0.3mm)
  • Material: PLA


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