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The right shaver is a guarantee for one to consider in order to have a proper head shave. Anyone who has ever gone through a shaving experience can say that shaving is not an easy task as it may seem. It requires time and experience for one to be comfortable with a razor maneuvering on the scalp. It is even hard for starters to reach some of the areas of the head while shaving. Above all, it is really hard for a person when not using the right shaver.

What are the types of razors present in electric shavers? Users who are not coordinated, find using the straight or manual razor as a disaster prescription. Standard razors are also not designed for tackling of hair that is on the far top of one’s head, making the hair jam up on the electric shavers for those with long hair.

Personal grooming is elevated to a point where it is considered as an art by most technology forward and luxurious products in the modern world. This has made the available variety of endless choices on shaver brands and products and making one be extra careful, knowledgeable and considerate of your needs and personal preference as far as these varieties of electric shavers are concerned.

A Clean Electric Shave by Razor Type

Accessorized to both women and men’s electric shavers are rotary cutting blades or foil. Different types of electric shaver come with their own type of devotees.


Modern high rated electric shavers that use foil are designed with floating heads that glide over the facial contours of the user. It also has cutters oscillate behind its perforated screen.


These types of men’s electric shavers are created with three to four floating heads that are responsible for its glide over the user’s facial contour and the inbuilt cutters responsible for spinning are behind its fine grid. Rotary shavers are quieter and easier to rinse as compared to foil shavers.

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Electric Shaver of the Head

The manufacturer’s instruction manuals on how to use the electric shavers are always placed on the packaging of the shaver and contain all the details of the features and how to use the electric shaving machine. A user is obliged to go through it and understand it before using the electric shaver in order to use it effectively and efficiently. Another reason for having understood the manual is to be sure that the equipment is the right one for your needs.

Research from the internet and also checking on electric shaver reviews on the brand of electric shaver you want to purchase will help one make a good decision in choosing the best shaver. Below are some of the important factors to consider.

best electric shaver for head

Battery Charger of the Electric Shaver

Users who travel often with their electric shavers will have this as a very important factor. A fully battery charged shaver is supposed to serve a duration of minimum 12 hours with and at least seven shaves. The electric shaver should definitely be portable. Some electric shaving machine models are even designed to give the user a five minute emergency charge that is equivalent to one shave.

 Automatic Shutoff

Shaving models that have inbuilt features to automatically shut off the shaver even when its battery is fully charged are suitable. Some of these electric shavers will require one to pull the power plug just as the shaver gets fully charged. In case of overcharge, you tend to damage the electric shaver and will ultimately cause a reduction in the battery life of the electric shaver. This is poor maintenance practice that most of us have when it comes to electric devices.

Low Battery Warning

A good electric shaving model is that which gives you a signal of the battery getting low through its recharge light or charge indicator. This will make you aware of when to charge the device instead of depending on guesswork on how much charge is remaining. 

The Power Cord

Modified electric shaver models have a power cord that enables one to continue with the shaving ones plugged into an electric socket, especially when the battery charge is low.

Ease of Cleaning the Shaver

Most manufacturers bring their electric shavers with a tiny brush that cleans the shaver after usage. Some shaving models can be dry rinsed. There are also some models that have an internal self-cleaning system that through the cutter a sanitizing liquid is pumped. 

Long Hair Trimmer

Some of the latest model designs of electric shavers have features that allow trimming of long hair or sideburns features that can ease the work of the user trying to come up with different strategies.

Wet and Dry Shaving

Available are even some technological forward and waterproof shaving models that can enable a user to shave while in the shower. These electric shavers allow for efficient multitasking when grooming.

best electric shaver for head razor

Why should you buy an electric razor?

Busy users and fast movers tend to love electric razor because it is advantageous as far as dry shaving is concerned. One gets to have better shaving using the electric razor when the face is really dry, before a shower most probably. This does not mean that you are limited on where to shave. You can still have a good shave in the office before attending meetings, at a spotlight or even inside the shower. It will only take you few minutes to have that good shave.

Some people are allergic to razor cuts. Some are even tired of using them. While it is true that there are times you can get razor burn while using the electric razor inappropriately, you are thought less likely to cut small bumps on your head like acne bumps, zits or even moles. All kinds of electric shaves can be challenging to a sensitive skin, but on the bigger picture is going for a high quality rotary electric razor because of its multiple benefits.

Electric shavers are in demand today and this has made manufactures come up with different models that keep advancing on a daily basis. With the technology advancement, electric razors come at a higher price as compared to other types of razors, but the difference is worth spending that extra coin. The electric razor is more reliable, give you a smooth shaving experience, effective and fast. In addition to that, there are portable electric razors that can be used anywhere as long as they were fully charged.

How the Electric Shaver Works

Electric razors have a similarity to scissors on how they work. Its blades cut through the hair while they shear on a metal grating that the hair passes on and the skin does not. Similarly to a lightning fast speed pair of scissors where it cuts through all the hair that gets to pass through the metal grating. A traditional razor blade will cut through each and every hair that it scrapes past.

best electric shaver for head tap

Difference between the Foil Shavers and the Rotary Shavers

Electric razors come in either foil or rotary style but still operate in the same way as described above. The only difference is the variety of the metal grating used in each of the two to shave the hair. A foil razor is designed with many rounded blades that are all aligned beneath a thin comb of foil. As soon the electric shaver is turned on, the blades tend to oscillate back and forth as they shear any hair that may pass through the domed grating. An electric rotary razor, on the other hand, has blades that spin around the central axis within each head and cuts any hair that will pass through the angled slots at the surface of the user's head.

As much as rotary and foil electric razors may seem to fundamentally work similarly on the inside, they behave completely differently. The electric foil razors contain long and rounded natured foils that lend itself well to large areas of the skin, example, and the top of a head. It is always recommended for users who like having a bald head. OptiFoil systems in higher end razors will provide a user with not only a good shaving experience, but also a close one. electric rotary razors, on the other hand, has flexible heads and is mostly recommended for use on turn turns, a good example is a man’s chin. 

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Different people, especially men have different takes on which one between rotary and foil electric razors is good for sensitive skin. Some people would prefer the foil shaver and may have it that it is better for a sensitive skin while others will go for the rotary razors. It is advisable for one to do an intensive good research of different models of both the electric foil and rotary razors so that you can have a good settle on which one is good for your sensitive skin. There are models that are created especially for sensitive skin, but they would probably cost a little bit more than the rest of the electric razors. That should not scare you because you will find better results worth spending more. You can also seek on the recommendation from skin specialists on the same.

Just like other electric devices you have in the house and use frequently, it’s important that you make sure you follow all the care and maintenance instructions that have been recommended by the manufacturer so as to ensure safety when using your electric shaver and no chances of possible infections.

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