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Buying guide for the best eye drops for contacts

It is true that contact lenses have proven to be a more convenient way of dealing with eyesight problems compared to wearing glasses. It’s also a well-known fact that convenience comes with a price. Contacts are known to cause minimal irritation, although if you wear them frequently, you soon get used to the irritation. This irritation occurs when there is dryness. Of course, there are other contributing factors that will contribute to dryness of your contacts when you have them on. So how do deal with the dryness and make sure that your eyes are wet? The best solution which is also comfortable and safe would be eye drops.

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We have different brands of eye drops. These brands have different formulas hence it becomes very difficult to know a general product that is good for every eye. The situation gets extra complicated when you wear contacts. Watch out for the many advertisements that will offer big claims on how their products will work wonders for you. The eyes are very sensitive and play an important role in the human body, therefore you must be very cautious of whatever you use on your eyes. This includes simple products like eye drops to makeups for ladies. Eye drops will have different chemicals as part of their primary ingredients, and should you have sensitive eyes, then you might be subjecting yourself to possible irritation if you dare use the incorrect formula.

We have over a billion people in the world, and it’s impossible for manufacturers to account and offer customized eye drops for everyone that suits their individual eye condition.  Finding the best eye drops that contact wearers can use can be challenging and that’s why relying on claims that are made in advertisements isn’t a valid factor to take into consideration when looking for eye drops. You will need to look at the different brands, what they are offering and the formulas that are used in making the eye drops. After that, you will need to look at customer reviews from people who have actually bought the eye drops and used them. This research will offer you with just the correct information that you will need when looking for the best eye drops. The major factor would then be to go back to your optician and let them recommend to you the best eye drops for your contacts. Having a professional opinion from an expert might be costly, but in the long run it will prove to be very helpful.

The market is filled with many eye drops, and they all have different uses. Some are for treating irritations, others for reducing redness of the eyes, and others are for dealing with dryness for contact wearers.  Eye drops that are made to get rid of dryness for contact wearers differ from the regular eye drops you will buy over the counter. Precautions must always be taken, don’t depend entirely on what is written on the box, ignoring anything could lead to possible harm to your eyes.

Below we have compiled some of the important metrics to look at when you want to get rid of dryness in your eyes by using eye drops.

best eye drops for contacts

Consulting your eye physician before you start using the eye drops

The importance of always seeking professional consultation from your doctor comes as the number factor. When you are recommended to get a pair of contacts the next thing would be to inquire from the eye specialist the nest eye drops to use. At this point, they will be able to give the variety of eye drops and eye solutions that you can use. Their recommendations will come from a specialist point of view and not from a manufacturer’s point. The importance of seeking these services is that everyone has different eye conditions and even though symptoms might be similar, especially for those who wear contact lenses, the treatment process is very different. Some of the common symptoms will be redness, irritations and many other general symptoms. Visiting your doctor will give them the opportunity to carefully examine the symptoms and then recommend the best formula, which will be ideal for you.

Reading the label & the intended uses

Previously we had mentioned that there are so many varieties of eye drops in the market. Many buyers have a tendency of overlooking the labels. Your doctor will recommend to you’re the perfect formula, but when shopping for your eye drops, you might not realize that the brand has several formulas of eye drops. This means you might end up getting the wrong formula despite getting the correct recommendation from your doctor. You will find some eye drops are to be used as lubricants for the contacts, others get rid of dryness, then you will find eye drops that are to be sued by specific types of contacts. Carefully read the label on the box and then check the intended use of the eye drops. This will help you in being certain that you are getting the ideal formula recommended by your doctor.

Finding the correct amount of the eye drops solution

If you have been using contact lenses for long then you would know that symptoms of irritation that is caused by dryness manifest themselves in many ways. Some contact wearers will experience these symptoms for a short period of time while others will have to deal with them for long. It’s important you know the correct amount of the eye drop solution that you will need so as to relieve yourself of these symptoms. If you put too little or too much, you stand a chance of worsening the whole situation. Nobody ever wants to deal with severe irritation in their eyes. Every manufacturer will give a guide for the correct amount of eye drops to use. After your body has accepted the solution, then you can make minor adjustments of either lowering or increasing the amount. Remember, we have different bodies and our bodies react differently to different chemicals. Make sure you are not allergic to the ingredients that are used in making the eye drop solution that you plan on buying. Though this can be sorted out, by your doctor. After a few days, you will finally get the correct amount of eye drops. 

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Important tips to take note of when using your eye drops solution with contacts

It’s not an easy task using the eye drop solutions. And many people tend to make some common mistakes. These mistakes, not only harm your eyes, but they also make the eye drop solutions to be defective and not relieve you the symptoms. Below is a list of what to do and what not to do when using eye drop solutions and contact lenses.

The Do’s

  • When putting the eye drop solution in your eyes, tilt your head as far back as possible so that the solution can stay and not spill out of your eyes. The eye drops spill when your head is tilted too far forward and/or are flinching. This will mean that the correct amount of solution is not in your eye and hence the solution won’t work as effective as expected. Also, it leads to wastage of the eye drop solution.
  • Before you pour the solution into your eye, determine the speed at which the bottle dispenses the solution. Most bottles are softer and need only a tiny squeeze to dispense the solution. Other bottles will need an extra squeeze. This is to avoid you emptying half the solution in the bottle into your face and eyes by accident.
  • After applying the eye drops, keep your eyes closed for some time. This is to give the solution enough time to evenly spread across the contacts and your eyes. After that, blink, just a few times, this is to double check that the whole process has been successful.

The Don’ts

  • Never rub your eyes, this is the worst thing that you can ever do. It will worsen the irritation and also allow the solution to spill out of your eyes. Rubbing an itchy eye(s) results to an amplified irritation, serious discomfort and severe redness of the eyes.
  • Never touch the tip part of the solution’s bottle. This will increase the chances of you contaminating the nozzle. Hence a chance of you injecting more harmful bacteria and pathogens into the contacts and your eyes. The cap should always be sealed if the solution is not being used.
  • Should you be experiencing severe irritation, pain or any other form of discomfort each time you apply the solution, stop using the solution immediately. Consult with your physician, till then don’t use the solution. Never force any usage even when you are going through discomfort. Always remember that continued discomfort will lead to long-term serious health issues with your eyes.
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When you are suffering from an eye irritation you might think that eye drops solutions are uncomfortable, however, when you use them they bring relief from the symptoms after some time. This is very true especially for people who wear contacts. Once you are able to get the perfect solution for your contacts and eyes, always have a bottle close by with you.

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