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The society today does not require one to be necessary a doctor or scientist recognize and appreciate the use of a laser.

From laser pointers to laser sights, from its utility in the military theatre to the operating suite, laser’s power has been harnessed to perform a lot functions that were not even envisioned by the scientists of Hughes Research Laboratory based in California, during their creation of the first world’s operational laser in the year 1960.

Laser Hair Removal At Home – Growing Popularity

The LHR is the fastest-growing method of choice for hair removal at home for not only women but also men.

Using lasers for hair removal comes with a few drawbacks as some machines work better on dark skin or light skin and vice versa. It also requires one to be patient while using it since it is a long-term process. The laser hair removal at home costs a bit more than other methods of hair removal.

On the brighter side of this equipment, there are even more advantages than the stated drawbacks. A person that has gone through the process of using a laser hair removal at home stays hair-free for a couple of months or even years. The process is pain-free as compared to waxing or razor cuts.

For some people, the thought of the word ‘laser’ scares them and would and trying it can be the last thing on their wish list. However, a laser is not as scary as it may sound.

How do you know that a home laser hair removal is appropriate for you?

Does your hair color and skin make one a suitable user for home IPL/laser? Or are there any other reasons that might make you an unsuitable candidate for the treatment? Below are some of the questions that can help you know if the home laser hair removal is right and safe for your usage.

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1. What is your hair color?

Hair color that is dark blonde to black work efficient and there are a lot of different devices that one can choose from. Few devices work well on white or light blonde hair.

The darker the hair might be, the better it will be with a laser. Black to dark blonde hair contains pigments that are targeted by light energy, heated up and the follicle disabled quickly and faster. People that have this type of natural hair are flexible to have a smooth pick among all IPL hair removal devices.

People with hair fair hair, I.e., red, white, grey or light blonde lack melanin that is needed by the laser’s intense light in the hair heating up and disabling the follicle. In this kind of situations, you can have a hard time picking the right laser for you because they are just a few available on the market.

2. What is your skin tone type?

IPL home hair removal works best and safest on light skin. The lighter the skin type, the more efficient it is to use the laser. Light skin tone is left unharmed after the light energy from the laser heats-up the hair’s dark pigment in the follicles.

A dark skin tone contains a lot of colored pigment in it, and the laser’s light energy ends up heating the user’s skin too. When this happens, a person may be uncomfortable because of the pain inflicted on him or her. This can also cause damage to the user's skin besides them having skin reactions that may be temporary or in worst situations, permanent skin lightening or darkening, blisters, burns and strong redness.

The Fitzpatrick scale to skin tone is used when one is trying to know or confirm the type of skin tone they have. There are six different types of skin tone that are measured from I–VI. ‘I’ is the lightest skin tone type while ‘IV’ is the darkest.

People with skin tone types are from ‘I' to ‘IV' have a variety of options that are not only safe for use but also good for at home. However, having a skin tone type recommendation is better off for the skin tone type ‘VI' because one is likely to have faster response and fewer skin irritations. 

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3. Do any of these apply to you?

Having a comprehensive health back-check consultation is the basis of a professional treatment. This should also apply when you are to choose a laser hair removal at home system. It is recommendable if you have research done.

There are instances where a user is not eligible for laser and IPL hair removal at home use because of one or two medical reasons. The laser also comes with contraindications and warnings on the user manuals that have every detail that a user should know concerning the device. From the procedure of usage to the cons. You should not buy or use a laser machine without going through the user manual and understand it.

In this segment of the guide, the safety of the skin is a significant concern. It is vital for one to know adverse skin conditions and their causes. 

There are diseases and also medications that can make a person very sensitive to light. When a laser hair removal is combined with such photosensitivity, the results is that there is a creation of high risk and side effects to the patient. The possible side effects include scarring, blisters, burns and temporary or permanent darkening of the skin. Hypopigmentation, the lightening of the skin, is also a side effect of the same.

When one is pregnant or having implants in the body, he or she will require through several tests and the health history checked thoroughly before they are allowed to use the laser. Every laser manufacturer adds this kind of information to the list of warning on the user manual.

4. Do you tan regularly?

Does your skin regularly tan by sunbathing in natural sunlight, artificial lights or with use of lotions? If yes, then the chances that your skin will tan within the first months of using the IPL. Skin tanning and using the laser hair removal do not mix at any point. Using both might lead you to have skin damages like increasing your risk of skin reactions. But you insist on using both; then you will have to reduce the power intensity level of the laser because tanning turns your skin darker. Higher levels of the laser are more efficient compared to lasers with lower levels. 

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5. What body areas do you want to be hair free?

You could be craving to have silky smooth skin in some of your body areas or the face, or maybe you just want to have a fuzz-free body. It is essential to know where you are using this device.

There are IPL machines that are only suitable when used for treatments in body areas that are from the neck and going down. There are also others that are effective for only facial treatments. Some devices can be used for both face and body treatments. 

Men are mostly like to use the laser on their shoulders, chest, torso and neck areas of their bodies. Women’s common laser treatment areas are sideburns, upper lip, armpits, chin, forearms, bikini lanes, tummy, legs, toes, feet, and tummy body areas.

Laser hair removal is not suitable when used by men on their beards because one may be left behind with unintended bald patches on the chin or even unsightly and adverse reaction when usage is prolonged.

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6. How much are you willing to spend on a laser hair removal kit?

Every buyer always has a budget when it comes to buying anything. The budge helps in preventing overspending. Most laser hair removal machines are quite costly, in the United States the minimum amount you can spend on a laser hair removal machine is $100, some even cost as much as $700. While in the United Kingdom, the price ranges from £150 to £500. The price variations are brought about by different performance levels of the machines, the specs and features, and the type of brand. The premium brands are very costly, even though the market has more affordable options that buyers can consider. When the Boots Smoothskin released the first laser hair removal machine in 2009, its market price was £300+. When looking at the cost of a laser hair removal device, it’s crucial to look at the following factors also:

  • The number of flashes: a machine with more flashes offers more treatment loads.
  • The premium features of the device, even though many brands now have similar features, specs, and benefits. Unique features in a brand attract a much higher price tag.
  • The design of the machine, is it the basic design or the intricate design? The basic models are the cheaper and user-friendly. The old models are also less expensive compared to the latest models being launched in the market.

The market will offer you a variety of machines with different price tags, but the laser hair removal devices that are more desirable and enjoy widespread popularity are the ones that are very costly.

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