Are you tired of strenuous hours of exercising, yielding no results? Are you baffled at your efforts and no progress? Do you desperately want to get rid of that spare tire you call a stomach and enter into a realm of healthiness that you have never before seen? Do you? Then I have the answer for you! No more endless hours of walking! No more dieting and supplements! No more money spent on a trainer who only bulks you up instead of slimming you down. Do you want the answer? Well, I have it! It’s none of these extracurricular ideals of getting slim quick that you have seen parading television or billboards. It’s not ten minute workout tapes that overflow your DVD collection. What it is, is something simple, something easy, and something that you will easily be able to fit into your lifestyle. Do you want to know how to lose those love handles? Good, let me show you how!

I know often times you see the buff gentlemen, or slim, toned young lady jogging down the avenue or power walking through the park and think to yourself, “I need to start doing that.” Well, firstly, let’s not dwell on other’s accomplishments. Let’s dwell on self. That young lady and that buff lad didn’t get that body by simply jogging or power walking. They jog at least 50-60 miles a week; walk at least twice a day and live in the gym and that type of lifestyle is unrealistic in your world. So, how can you achieve these weight goals of yours without adhering to that lifestyle, or at the very least get rid of that tube around your waist? It’s simple! You simply adopt “Walking” and “Jogging’s” sibling; Sprinting. Yes, that’s right, running fast. Studies have shown that sprinting reduce the flab around your mid-section. This is primarily due to the quick movements and the nature of gravity. I also speak from experience. I have run track in grade school, high school, college, and I now run recreationally, so I can definitely attest to its benefits. But, I have been running and I haven’t seen any results, I hear someone saying. Yes, that might be true but consistency and the know-how of sprinting is needed to fully achieve the rewards. Let me tell you how.

Before you begin pounding the pavement, let me suggest that you take it slow, if you are overweight, have never ran in your life, or if it has been a while since you last ran. You are definitely setting yourself up for failure and injury if you do not take it one step at a time. Don’t knock yourself down, while trying to build yourself up. First, you should visit a gym and use the elliptical or treadmill (walk or slightly jog). This exercise will build those muscles that are needed in sprinting. Sprinting, of course, will involve more power; therefore you need strength in those muscles. You should do this for a week and a half or two weeks. I know this type of workout maybe boring and tiring, but remain focused. Think about where you want to be in relation to your physique and remain motivated. Although it may be a bit ancient, what I have witnessed that really works with motivation, is putting a picture of what you would like to look like up somewhere you can see it daily.

After you have completed your two weeks, find a flat, soft-surface area in which to partake in sprinting. The area needs to be flat to avoid any interruptions in your stride which also avoids injury. The surface needs to be soft because as you run, the soft surface will surrender to your weight, allowing less of an impact, which prevents stress fractures, shin splints, and knee pains. I recommend a local, public track which is sure to provide you these benefits. At all cost, avoid pavement, concrete, or sidewalks when sprinting or jogging. Once you have found your designated area sprint for approximately one hundred meters and do this about eight to ten times. If needed, be sure to get full recovery after each sprint. However, also be sure to finish the workout, if you want to reap all the rewards this exercise has to offer. And, that’s it! It’s quick, it’s simple, it’s rewarding. The exercise itself shouldn’t take more than forty-five minutes. You should do this six times a week, allotting one day out of the week to rest. I’m sure you can take forty-five minutes out of your day to acknowledge your health and fitness. So, let’s do it!

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