Originally from India and Pakistan’s buffalo, Ghee has become a healthier choice over butter to most people around the world. Although the process of making Ghee can be tedious and time consuming, the taste and health benefits are well worth the four hour process. Ghee has a long shelf life that does not require refrigeration and it has a strong great taste that does not require as much as it would if you were using butter in its place.
The process of making Ghee as mentioned above is tedious and can take up to four hours if done correctly. It requires careful attention and can almost be like a meditative practice. The first thing you will need to do is get unsalted New Zealand butter or look for bovine hormone free organic butter. Get a huge block of whichever butter you choose so that way there is enough butter in case you would like to deep fry some foods. Also, the less butter you have the least time the Ghee will last. Making sure the butter block you purchase is unsalted is important as well because the flavor will take away from the pure toasted taste that makes ghee such a delectable treat.

After you have chosen your block of butter you will want to store it in the freezer until you are ready to prepare it. Once you are ready to prepare the Ghee. You will need a big pot to melt the block of butter in. Try to fit the pot to the size of the butter to prevent accidental spillage. The less mess you have to clean up after this process, the better. Now is the time to begin the four hour project. Put the block of butter into the pot and turn the heat on very low heat so that the butter will simmer. If the heat is too high your ghee will burn and this event would perhaps ruin the taste. Let your butter sit for about two hours or until melted.

When the butter is completely melted solids will begin to come up to the top. Scoop those solids up and put them into a bowl. These solids are useful for buttering toast, crackers, and soups. Next, you are going to need to turn the heat up but not too high. You are going to want to bring the butter to a boil but do this slowly so that you once again do not burn the solids. If you burn the ghee at any point you will ruin it. For this reason, it is a very meditative patient practice. Once again you will need to turn the heat down to a simmer and there will be more solids at the top. These solids you will need to be scraped off and put into that same bowl. Nothing in this Ghee should ever be wasted. It is highly important to remove these solids because if you do not they will burn and as mentioned before, anything burning in the ghee would completely spoil the taste. Boil the butter some more cooking out the water and bringing up more solids. This process is important to purify the butter. This purification process is what makes the ghee the healthier choice of butter. This time let the butter continue to roll to a boil. There will be some solids that will fall to the bottom, be sure to keep stirring the butter so that it does not burn. Let the Ghee slowly continue to cook for 20 more minutes. There will be more solids on the top. Keep scooping out the solids. There will be a lot of bubbles and solids during this point so you just need to keep stirring and scooping. Be sure to keep it cooking at this point. Next, all the solids should begin floating to the top. Be sure to scrape at the bottom of the pan to make sure the solids at the bottom are not sticking. Continue the boiling process.

Once the solids become a brown color you cannot cook the Ghee anymore because it will then be overcooked. Turn off the heat and let the Ghee cool for about 30 minutes to an hour. Scrape off the last of the impurities from the top once the Ghee has cooled. Next, you will want to get two other pans. Now, you will need to pour only the liquid into the first of the two pans you have gotten. Be careful not to let the bottom solids fall into the new pan with the clean Ghee you are pouring in. Pour the leftover solids into your solids bowl. This next part seems a little ridiculous but trust me the process has a purpose. You need to pour the liquid you just poured into another clean pot. Make sure not to pour other solids in with this part because we are cleaning out all of the solids from the liquid. Now comes the trickiest part. You are going to need to cook out all the water from the Ghee. Cook the Ghee on high and bring it to another boil. When the Ghee begins to turn a darker golden brown then the final process is over. You must then let the Ghee cool down and place it into an airtight moisture free bowl.

There are many reasons why this tedious process is worth every second. For one, the Ghee has a shelf life of 3 -4 weeks without ever having to refrigerate it. There are also very numerous health benefits that comes from this purified butter. Vitamins are one plus towards your health. Ghee contains pure vitamin A and D, without all the added fats and sugar that you get with butter, margarine, and milk. There are no artificial additives, preservatives, or trans fats and its lactose free which means people who are lactose intolerant can even eat this butter. Of course when you have large quantities of this butter it can be unhealthy just like having too much of anything good can be harmful to the body. In spite of this rule, it’s easy not to have a lot of this butter because the flavor is rich so a little bit goes a lot further than regular butter or margarine would.

Thirdly, as I have mentioned in the paragraphs above, the solids from the Ghee can be used for many things such as toast, crackers, and soups. But there is much more. The clear liquid Ghee is often used to fry chicken and other deep fried things making the fried food much healthier than regular grease. One of my favorite recipes for ghee is one of my own creations that I have cooked for friends and family who love it and it’s a fairly healthy meal. The first thing you will want to do is prepare the rice with a rice cooker and then put the rice in the fridge to sit overnight so it gets a nice sticky texture to it. Then, The next day when you are ready to cook the meal fry up the rice by scrambling eggs, green onions, and thinly chopped garlic with the rice. Add some spinach and continue to fry the rice. Then deep fry some boneless chicken and cut it up into the fried rice and you have a deliciously healthy meal prepared in as little as twenty minutes. Serve the food and enjoy your family light up as they take a bite of that golden delicious Ghee filled rice and know that you have served them something that is better for their bodies.

Source on how to make Ghee: David Bruce Hughes.

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