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With the rising health concerns and complications, people are now watching what they eat. Nobody wants super oily fried meals anymore; the whole world now prefers fried food, but with no fat or oil content. Thanks to the available air fryers in the market, you can now enjoy cooking your grilled food and enjoy up to a maximum of 80% less oil or fat in your meal. Air fryers need the very minimal amount of cooking oil, and they function by circulating the super-hot air inside the machine hence preparing the food. Quite an impressive technology. Many of the air fryers on the market have replaced the standard and frequently used deep oil fryers and even the oven, offering a much healthier opportunity for people who want to minimize their oil and fat intake entirely.

Just like any other machine, you will find plenty of brands in the market, and you might be awed and confused on which is the best air fryer for you. The air fryers since are made from different brands, might have the same operating mechanism but will have different construction and design. This will require buyers to carry out intensive research so that they get the best air fryer that will suit their cooking needs. That's why we provide with the best information that you can use in buying your next air fryer. Having an air fryer in the house gives you the comfort of not depending on a takeout each time you feel like having something that is appetizing.

To get the best air fryer, extensive testing of the machines must be done, reading of customer reviews and looking at the different consumer forums. Each year manufacturers will come up with more exciting features and functions to enhance the efficiency of their air fryers. With this in mind, it's crucial that one remains always updated with the latest trends in the air fryer industry. Even though the guiding factor for most buyers will be to get an air fryer that has the maximum reduction of oil content in the food, other essential elements that will determine which kind of air fryer to purchase. The air fryers you will find at the local store might look very similar, but then they all have different features and functionality.

When shopping for the best air fryer for cooking fried foods, then it's good to consider these factors.

The timer of the air fryer

All the air fryers have timers. When cooking food in the air fryer, the cooking time is much shorter, and that's why many air fryers have timers, which can be set up to a maximum of 30 minutes. The type of timers you will find on the air fryers are either digital timers or the analog timers. A buyer who prefers cooking their food for a longer duration can opt to buy an air fryer that has a timer going up to 60 minutes. The analog timers tend to be user-friendly, but then they do have some challenges:

  • Some of the analog timers will continue ticking even when you remove the drawer that houses the food. When turning the food, it's crucial for one to be mindful that they have very little time compared to what the timer might be indicating. The best trick to deal with this situation is to set the timer preemptively while factoring this issue.
  • The analog dials tend to experience accuracy issues. Most air fryers will be a little lenient with regards to the set time and the temperature settings. The analog dials tend to be off by a few minutes; some even continue ticking after the time has expired.

This doesn't mean that you quickly rush for the air fryers that have digital timers. Of course, the digital timers are more accurate compared to their analog counterparts, but then they are very costly. In the end, make sure to take your personal preference and convenience into consideration when picking out the correct timer. The primary objective of the timer is to notify the user when the food is ready and having an air fryer that will tell you when your timer expires will be very helpful.

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The temperature setting found in the air fryer

If you have ever cooked any meal, then you are aware that different foods will need different temperatures for them to be described as well prepared. If you are cooking potato wedges, then the temperature will be different from the one you will use in cooking bacon or pork. The average temperature range of the air fryers is between 200°F – 400°F. With such a wide range of temperature variation, buyers have the freedom to cook a wide variety of meals. In case your air fryer doesn't have the needed temperature to cook your food,  just allow the food to enjoy a longer cooking time in the air fryer. Just like the timers, the temperature settings on the air fryer are implemented in two different ways. We have the analog display and digital display for the temperature settings. The digital temperature settings display is more accurate than the analog ones, however, be ready to spend a few extra dollars for such an air fryer. The digital displays are available at premium prices.

The size and the storage capacity of the air fryer

These machines are available in a variety of sizes. Their food storage capacity is also different from one brand to another. The capacity of the air fryers is measured in liters, pounds or quarts. If you have a big family or will be cooking for a large group of people, then look for an air fryer with the most massive capacity. Smaller units of food will be more cost effective to be cooked with the smallest air fryer units. Apart from the capacity, look at the physical size of the air fryer unit you want to buy. The bigger the unit, the more space it will be taking on the countertop. If the air fryer will be a machine that you use daily and is very important in your kitchen, then its position on the countertop should not worry you. But if your usage frequency is a little bit lower, then you might have to consider the amount of space being taken by the unit.

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Are there pre-set cooking features or programs?

This is only found on the air fryers that have digital settings. Preset cooking programs are not available on the analog air fryer units. The cooking applications allow users to set the temperature and cooking time by just pushing a button. Additional some air fryer brands use a traditional approach of printing the settings on the body or the lid of the air fryer (which is a kind of good reminder for some of us who might be forgetful). These programs come at an extra fee, if you don't need them or they turn out to be too technical, then you are better off with the analog air fryer, although we can't ignore the enhanced efficiency that comes with the preset cooking programs.

The Safety features

Many manufacturers are now making air fryers that have safety features. Some of the available safety features are a safety button (to prevent the air fryer's basket from dropping when you are taking the food out), the cooling touch handle and the automatic shut off feature when your timer expires. These safety features have been designed to prevent any smoke building up inside the air fryer while protecting your food from getting damaged or dirty. Safety features are not only important to the owner of the air fryer, but to anyone who might want to use the air fryer in your absence. Make sure the air fryer you wish to buy has a wide variety of safety features, better spend a few extra bucks on the air fryer that have to deal with unexpected expenses because of a possible accident like getting burnt.

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Cleaning the air fryer

The more you use your air fryer, the more it will get dirty. The parts of the air fryer that tend to get dirty very often are the basket and the bottom drawer. These two components can be washed in the dishwasher. The mesh basket and the grated grill will often have food particles stuck on their surface; this will require manual cleaning. A clean air fryer means you will have a fresh meal to eat after you are done cooking.

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As a buyer, it might be a big gamble to just depend on the information being provided by the manufacturer or worse from an advertisement. Look at the features that are on the brand and compare with the overall cost of the machine. Is it worth the price? Then look at the various customer ratings and reviews of the air fryer. Focus on any technical difficulties that any buyer might have experienced and how the company handled it; this is a correct way of determining the efficiency of the customer support services offered by the brand. The durability of the machine is another essential aspect that buyers should consider when shopping for the best air fryers. Will the air fryer be able to stand the frequency of use? The last thing to look at would be the value added bonuses which might be offered by the different manufacturers. 

With the above information and tips, we believe that buying your next best air fryer will be an easy task.

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