Best Full Body Massage gives you the most relaxing and heavenly experience and giving full body massage is an excellent way to help the individual get rid of sore muscles and stress. The full body massage not only removes your stress and benefits your health, but also the masseur can use triggering techniques and motion that can restore all the lost energy of your tissues and muscles.

Full body massages are performed in a special and private room in most of these massage parlors. Why private room, because the individual can feel relaxed and keep them away from the tensions. The trained therapists or masseuses will make sure that each stroke and every touch have a healing effect on your body and it results in complete satisfaction. The massage techniques that the professionals use give you the best relaxing experience, though it is bit expensive, it is worth every penny.

The best massager starts with feet when you go for a full body massage. They start with feet first and move up the body. They use alternative press & release techniques, including circular motions and kneading from the legs and move to the back.  You have to turn over so they can massage your head, arms, and hands. To provide a great massage atmosphere and get a perfect massage technique, here is the tip for massagers.

Providing a Relaxing Atmosphere:

  • Make sure the massage room is spacious and comfortable. It is essential that the room should be spacious while performing the body massage. If the customer feels uncomfortable, then they cannot feel relaxed or enjoy their massage session.
  • Ensure that the individual can lie down comfortably on the bed, massage table, or soft rug. Put a soft cloth on the surface so that it can absorb the oil and keeps it clean.
  • Ensure that the room is warm and nice. Why it is important because the client will be partly undressed during the body massage session, they don’t like to be cold. To keep the room warm, use the space heater if needed.
  • Make sure that you use private massage room for full body massage, so nobody can disturb you and you can give full attention to the client.
Light some candles

Light some candles:

  • Candles can keep your client relaxing; it is one of the best techniques to make them feel relaxed. So make sure to light few candles around the room.
  • Turn the lights down and create a soothing atmosphere. The individual who is receiving the body massage will surely feel relaxed and feel stress-free throughout the sessions and even after the session.
  • Use scented candles to provide a relaxing atmosphere like sea breeze lavender scents but it is should not overpower. These light scents can add more aromatic and soothing feel to the overall experience.

Play soothing music:

  • Soothing music plays a great role during the massage session as it can keep the individual relaxing and soothing atmosphere. Choose something classy classic music or natural sound or both select both options.
  • You can also ask your client what kind of music she/her like, the person who is getting the massage should feel calm, so it is always better to put the music that your client likes to hear.
  • Make sure that the music is not too loud; the background music should be always soft as it will give the client the calming and relaxing experience.

Use Massage Oil:  

It is important to use massage oil when giving a massage. It helps the massager’s hands move smoothly over the skin, also, it will not cause any pinching, pulling, or does not induce any other kind of pain. You can find a large number of expensive oils as well as natural oils in the market. Even the grapeseed oil or sunflower oils can be used for massage.  Almond oils and jojoba oil also works well and both oils give a pleasant aroma.  You can include a few drops of essential oil into your massage oil, but use only unadulterated essential oils, which do not contain any chemical or perfumes included.  If your client is pregnant or having any serious health conditions, then consult the professional first before applying any kind of massage oil.

Before applying the massage oil on your client, put some oil in your hands and slightly rub it and apply it on the skin.  Don’t pour the oil directly on the skin as it does not make your client calm and relaxing.

natural oils

Have a lot of towels on hand:

Make sure to keep a lot of towels in handy before starting the session. You can use fresh and clean towels during the massage. You should also cover the surface with towels so that the oil spill may not cause any damage or stain.  You should also use the clean towels to cover your client’s body.  During full body massage, the individual will remove all clothes and covered by towels only.  So keep as many towels as possible for a clean and neat massage session.

The masseur should use the right technique to make their client feel relaxed. Here you can find some tips to get the right technique.

Start with the feet:

  • The first tip for massager is, start with the feet. Start massaging the feet by holding them around and apply the pressure using your thumbs.
  • Apply more pressure on the foot arch as this area of the food gathers a lot of stress, and also massage the ball of the foot and the heel as well.
  • When you reach the toes, clasp each toe individually and pull gently, this method releases any type of stress or tension.
  • Before starting the foot massage, ask your client if they are ticklish because some people do not like it if somebody touches their feet.

Go up to the legs:

  • Now go up to the legs, move your fingers gently on the back of the legs. Give long relaxing strokes to each leg from the calf to upper thing. Continue this for a couple of times.
  • Put some pressure, with both hands, stretch the skin smoothly. It is known as effleurage technique and it relaxes all your muscles in the leg.
  • Repeat the kneading technique on the thigh, and press the heel slowly. You should move always in the upward direction. Follow the same procedure to both the legs.

Move to the Upper Back:

  • Use the same effleurage technique to perform smooth, long strokes from crest glutes to the neck base.
  • Put your palm on each side of the spine and move your hands upward direction. Put your hands parallel to each other. Continue the process for a couple of times.
  • On the lower back, use kneading motion to relax the large muscles on each side of the spine. Usually, either side of spine builds up a lot of stress that is why it is essential to continue the process for a couple more times.
  • Also, use press & release technique to relax the back, when you press the back with finger tips strongly into the flesh and release it quickly, your client will experience a rush of satisfying chemicals.
  • When you go up to the upper back, your client bends their elbows and their shoulder blades project. When you massage this part of the body, it will relax your client by removing the knots and tension.
Upper Back

Move to neck and Shoulders:

  • Once you move from shoulders, use the technique called press and release to massage the neck base. You should always keep your palms on either side of the spine.
  • Put your hands on each shoulder and apply for the typical massage position and use your thumbs to knead down into the shoulders muscles. You can use the fingers for the clasp, but do not press hard into the collarbone as it can cause pain.
  • Rub the shoulders with the knuckles firmly but gently across the upward of the shoulders. This process releases the stress quickly.
  • Use your thumbs to press & release technique on the top of the shoulders and move up to the back of the neck.

Massage arms and hands:

  • Once you finished massaging the shoulders and neck parts, then move to the arms
  • Hold your client’s wrist in your left hand so that the client’s arm rose from the bed. Now, use our right hand to brush along the back side of the forearm next to the tricep over the shoulder and coming back on the reverse side.
  • Now, follow the process again by switching the hands.
  • Pull each finger strongly but gently and massage slowly from knuckles to the nails.

Move to the Head:

  • Let your client turnaround so that you can start the massage on the face and head.
  • Use your thumbs to press gently on the top of the scalp. You can use your nails to apply extra pleasure by scratching the scalp slightly.
  • Next, move to the earlobe and press the folds with your thumb and forefinger. Gently swipe your fingertips on the curves of the cheekbones.

The best full body massage always gives the best and relaxing feeling to the individual who receives the best massage.

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