Tired by your daily working schedule you must be having the need to get back massages, as they are very helpful in releasing your anxiety as well as the pain you are suffering in your lower back area. You cannot get manual massages every day so it so the best alternative you are getting there is. Also, the best massager for lower back pain focus on the main points and helps in getting a great relief from all your pain. It helps you improve your blood circulation, relaxation of muscles and many other benefits. There are also various heat options, intensities, and vibrations that will help you out with your back problems.

Benefits Of The Back Massagers

What makes a massager the best massager for lower back pain is its benefits and how it is effective in curing your pain and help you relieve it. The various parts of the massager help you in different manners. 

1. The vibrations of the device help you lower the muscle tension.
2. The elements that cause heating will surely help you out to warm up your muscles and make them relax.
3. There are rollers attached to the device providing you the professional massage type experience.
4. The acupressure in these massagers that will help you out to get the pressure point stimulation which will help you out to relieve pain in your lower back areas.

Some of the other benefits that will be provided to you with the help of using the massagers are listed down below.

Best Massager for Lower Back Pain

Relieve Upper Back Tension

The pain occurring from overexertion and prolonged muscles inactivity will be relieved with the help of best massager for lower back pain. Because of their lightweight and easy to use nature they are very well used to help you cure yours under strain lower back.

Improvement In The Quality Of Sleep

The pain can be extremely harmful to your sleep and can even cause difficulties for you to rest. Getting help from a massager can really help you out to get rid of these problems and cure all your aching muscles all at once without any problem. Also, it will help you to get a comfortable and a quality sleep.

Best Massager for Lower Back Pain

Feels Good

A good massage can surely help you out with your mood swings and make you feel much better than before. not only it will help you get relief from immediate pain but will also surely help you to keep future risks of lower back pains away. Also getting a massage from the best massager for lower back pain will help you to properly stimulate your hormones in a positive manner.

Improve Blood Circulation And Faster Healing

The best massages can help you out to get better and improved blood circulation in your body and also help you with the weak or strained muscles in your body. Getting massages on a regular basis will also help improve the healing power of your body along with the improved immunity. It will also surely help you to reduce the stretch marks and scar tissues on your body.

Best Massager for Lower Back Pain


The back massages can reduce the discomfort you can have during or after pregnancy. It will surely help you to make your labor or delivery period a much better and pleasant experience.

The Top Four Best Massagers For Lower Back Pain

There are a lot of choices available out in the market for you to choose from. All of these massagers have their own features and advantages, but it is a matter of thinking that which one you should actually choose. To make your choice and decision a better and to be well thought upon one this article will help you out. Below listed are the top four back massagers that you can actually consider buying.

Best Massager for Lower Back Pain

Thera Cane Massager

This device is in the shape of a cane and is very easy to use. The device because of its shape has an advantage of reaching all the pressure points more easily than any of the others. It will easily follow your body curves without possessing any harm to your skin. The material used to manufacture this massager is high in quality and also feels well.


  • It is extremely easy to use 
  • You do not require any power supply to operate this best massager for lower back pain
  • You will easily be able to target any of the pressure points of your choice
  • There are overall six balls on this massager stick that will surely help you out to target all the pressure points of your body 


  • It can be quite difficult to target the exact pressure point, especially for the beginners.

Zyllion ZMA13BK Shiatsu Pillow Massager With Heat

This is a massaging pillow that allows your body to rest and remove all the stresses with the help of heat massages. IT is a cordless pillow that enables you to get the Shiatsu-style massages.


  • It is extremely easy to sue and also operate 
  • The price charged for this device is extremely affordable and reasonable 
  • This is a portable device and extremely easy to move to any of the places
  • The device has the tendency to automatically shut the power off in order to consider your safety first
  • It is specially designed to ensure durability
  • There are various power options that help you to add up the heat
  • The device can be adjusted easily and is versatile in usage
  • The material used to manufacture it is the high-quality leather
  • This massager is very easy to clean as well as maintain
  • You can easily use it anywhere even during the journeys to make that happen it is provided with portable adapters and car chargers 


  • It cannot be used for body parts other than the lower back 
  • The massage nodes are also considered to be hard by some of the product users 
  • The product causes so much noise while operating 
  • The roller direction change cannot be controlled, it is meant to occur every five minutes 

New Five Star FS8812 10-Motor Vibration Massage Seat Cushion With Heat

One of the best massager for lower back pain is this newly invented product. With all the qualities of the best massager, it also allows you to use it as a cushion and will help your body relax. You can use it in various methods, it can use to lay down or on the back of your chair. The device works on ten vibrating motors and provides relaxation to your whole body without putting in much of your efforts.


  • It is very large in size and can easily reach from your shoulders to thighs
  • It can be easily operated by remote control
  • The device can be easily used in cars and home using both the AC as well as DC adapters
  • The thermostat included in this back massager can be easily used to adjust the heat levels for your body massage
  • The device is a portable one and can be moved very easily from one place to another
  • It comes with a warranty 


  • It will only provide vibration and no other method is used to help you get relief from back pain
  • It is not suitable to fit in all of the vehicle seats 

Shiatsu Back Massager

It works with a heating mechanism given on your neck and back areas. You will be given muscle relaxation with the help of four massage nodes in the device. the massager works with a bidirectional massaging movement to give you the best ever experience. Also, this can reach up to your should waist and neck along with the back.


  • It comes along with a DC and AC adapter to use it both on the road and inside your house
  • It can be used to massage most of your body areas
  • The price charged for this best massager for lower back pain is very affordable
  • There is no need to sue any kind of batteries for the working of this device
  • It will automatically turn off after fifteen minutes taking care of your safety
  • The material used to make this device is extremely soft and will not cause any kind of harm or irritation to your skin
  • The device provides you a three-year-long replacement warranty along with a ninety-day guarantee
  • It provides you deep massages in the tighter crevices of your body with the help of smaller given knobs in it 



We hope the above article might have given you an idea about the best massager for lower back pain and has helped you decide the device to buy. You can easily buy any of the devices listed above from any of the online shopping sites. but make sure just to but the device that suits your needs and meets up your expectations.

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