The Best Remedy for an Exhausted Body: Coming home tired and exhausted from a long day or spending an entire holiday cleaning the house can be a difficult and physically exhausting task. Instead of resorting to painkillers or supplements to get your body back in shape, why not make use of a massager, that too, a portable one? These massagers act as your messiah while they relieve your pain effectively, relaxing you inside out. Imitating the mechanisms of a professional massage, these devices exert minimal pressure on the required area, untying your knotted muscles that caused you unease. Designed specifically for domestic use, the massagers can be carried around conveniently due to their portable and handy nature. There is no need of carrying lengthy wires or extensions to operate them; instead simple affordable battery cells will work for you.

Benefits of Massage

With the introduction of various massage types, the fact that the affect it has on an individual remains the same does not change. Be it a Swedish massage, trigger point massage or sports massage, the purpose behind all of them is to relieve yourself from stress and give a break to your body. A massage is not only confined to stress-relief, instead it has a number of benefits that can contribute to the overall wellbeing of a person physical and psychological health. This is why we consult best handheld massager consumer reports to find the best ones available. Some benefits include:

  • Hair growth

  • Decrease in tissue pains

  • Increased flexibility in muscles

  • Getting rid of anxiety

  • Helping with insomnia related to stress


How to Find the Best Portable Massager

Massagers are designed for different purposes. Some can be used to relax your back while others can be used on the feet. With growing awareness amongst customers about portable massagers, companies have started producing a wider range of devices that specifically target a certain area in the body. Some companies that have earned a prominent name in this industry are Panasonic, Breo and Ho Medics and their products are often listed as best handheld massager 2017. To get your hands on the best handheld massager for knots or for any other purpose, we have provided you a list of important features that you need to look for in your device.

Best Portable Massager

Heat Settings; is it hot enough?

The intricate features of the handheld massager, such as the heat or speed settings should be taken in to account before buying one. It is advisable to look for massagers with a wider range of heat options as they can prove to be the perfect therapeutic resource for your neck, shoulders, back and feet. Sauna baths, stone massage and warm bottle techniques can be replaced if your handheld massager radiates enough heat and provides you comfort.

Best Portable Massager for Shoulder

Speedy Super Sonic?

The speed of a massager adds greatly to its efficient functioning. A higher speed would mean a speedy recovery and a greater sense of relief in little time. Most massagers come with a number of speed options while some have none. It is better to buy a portable massager which offers a variety of speed options so that the user can adjust it according to their requirements.

Best Portable Massager

Battery and Power Settings

It is extremely important to know the battery limitations of your device. The number of cells required and under what conditions will it operate. Often, the customers fail to realize that the handheld massager will only operate if connected to a plug. This causes great unease as these massagers cannot be carried around then. Rechargeable batteries or cells can be much simpler and a convenient method of operating the device.

Best Portable Massager

Top Handheld Portable Massagers

As mentioned earlier in the article, some companies have gained a prominent position in this field and produced some majestic portable back massagers along with many others. No area of your body will remain unattended with the use of these interesting objects that will soothe your mind along with your body. Customers often complain of buying a massager that fails to live up to their expectations, therefore, this article aims to provide you a number of best portable neck and shoulders massager along with many others, to keep you updated and feed you with the best possible information.

Best Portable Massager

1. Purewave CM7

This lightweight and cordless massager can be the ideal replacement of a masseuse as it provides a soothing experience to your face, neck and body. The unique selling point of this best portable massager for body is that it comes with not one but six massage heads. This does not confine you to a certain body part, instead provides you a range of options unlike other products of the same category. This massager is without a doubt the best portable massager for neck and shoulders in particular.

2. Brookstone Shiatsu Neck and Back Massager with Heat

Providing a solution to multiple problems, the Brookstone shiatsu massager helps you on your way to a speedy recovery, be it from cancer or a C-section. The instant pain-relief feature allows the individuals to instantly alleviate the sufferings and elevates the mood at the same time. This is the best portable Shiatsu massager which might be a little expensive but it certainly serves your purpose and enhances the experience.

3. Conair Body Benefits Heated Body-Flex

The quality that allows this massager to stand out is due to its ability to provide a wide range of massaging options in one go. Beginning slowly, placing slight pressure on the affected area, the vibration increases targeting the focused area in a stronger manner. The multiposition neck of this portable massager improves the level of use, providing multiple positions that could be adjusted according to your requirements. Available at Amazon for $31.32, this portable massager is rated as one of the best.

4. Homedics HPP-350

Not an ordinary one, this portable massager offers you an advanced experience while you customize the specs according to your needs. With a minimal vibration speed, this heat massager offers a soothing affair with your back, legs and thighs. However, for individuals suffering from tissue pains, it is not the ideal object. It comes with three heads, firm, gentle and soothing heat. This gives the user an opportunity to choose from the various options to suit their needs. The packing is fancy and so is the outlook of this product.

5. Zyllion ZMA-13-BK FDA Listed Shiatsu Pillow Massager with Heat

The heat balls installed within the pillow massager provide warmth to your neck along with your head and are known for providing instant relief to sore muscles. Traveling in a car or a plane, this pillow fits behind the lower and upper back, thighs, calf or abdomen. This is what makes it stand out from other products, its ultra portable nature. It has a 20-minute auto-shut program installed within it, which immediately shuts it down after reaching the heat limit. One of the best portable shiatsu massager, this pillow has various options and methods of use. The adjustment straps give you the ideal opportunity to attach to your chair or use it as a portable pillow. Available only at an affordable price of $79.95, this massager is a must have.

6. Breo Mini210 Handheld Body Massager

Working without a power cord, this tiny little creature works wonders. Instead, this device works with the pressure of your palm on its top. Place it on your knee while exerting pressure from your palm and enjoy a smooth massage without much effort. However, the breo massager does not have speed, vibration or heat settings. It works on the same pace without any heat. It is available for $38.

7. Elecitizon Waterproof Cordless Massager

This bright purple attractive massager that is more of a magic wand, the Electizion waterproof cordless massager comes with 9 different modes of vibration frequencies with a silent motor. This is not only waterproof but noise-proof as well, unlike many other products. Take it in a shower and massage your back, or rest in the Jacuzzi while giving your body a relaxing massage, this device will not fail you at any point. With its additional features such as a flexible neck, a deep tissue massage action and cordless battery, this vibrant device has attracted numerous customers. This is available at Amazon for $50, go grab yours!

8. Scholl DRMA7301UK Muscle Therapy Percussion Massager

Labeled as one of the best percussion massager, the scholl therapy percussion massager helps you with knots in muscles and deep tissue pains. The long handle gives a firm grip on the massager, not only this but the one touch control option along with the infrared heating system makes it an interesting device altogether. Customers who bought different massagers highly recommended this one for back and thighs. However it was suggested not to use it on the scalp due to the high level of vibration.

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