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These massagers do not just stop with giving relaxation of muscles on the shoulders and the neck, but also goes a long way of relieving stress from the person and easing pain from the muscles of the massage recipient. Without full knowledge of the device, it can be really hectic and challenging when shopping it and chances of one experiencing a little harder time are expected because these types of massagers have a market that is diverse and there are many factors that will require one to be keen on in order to get what is nothing but the best. Your money should be worth the exposure and satisfaction from the massager.

Buying Guide For The Best Neck & Shoulder Massagers

Nothing is as bad as the experience of aches and pains on the parts of the body that are always related to concentration like the head, the neck, and the shoulders. The electric massager is really of benefit in relieving these kinds of pains and aches from your muscles. Do not forget that this same device is also important in improving circulation of blood and air in the body to ward off any aches in the head that are frequently caused by stiff and tight muscles.  Hastening the recovery of muscles, lessening the heart rate and enhancing the flexibility of a person are other importance of the massager without forgetting that it is also a stimulant to better sleep.

For one to experience a wonderful massage, there are features that one should have in mind. The arm units of the device are padded and have a controlling panel, massage nodes, positioning handles, car adapter and a power cord. One can customize the experience through the variable speed and intensity levels. It is of importance before having the massage to have a clear cause of the problem causing the pain or aches. Areas with invigorating vibrations, body soothing heat massage and rotating shiatsu are massages that are aimed by neck masseuse.  

The main aim of this guide is to aid a massage buyer in finding the best shoulder and neck massage by making the buyer have knowledge of the features and functions of the device’s parts.

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Types of Massagers


The handheld massager is a small and straight forward massager. The best part of this kind of massager is that it can be in use with a single hand. One can use on himself/herself or to another person next to them. Another advantage of these handheld massagers is that they come in sub-categories of being manual models and battery-operated, hence the buyer has the option. They also typically rely on being built-in-vibration.

The Neck & Shoulder Massager

This massager consists of a firm core that is wrapped inside a soft covering for the user’s comfort. This type of massager like its name is mainly used in softening the muscles around your shoulders and your neck. It is simply draped around your shoulder and your neck, and when in activation mode, it vibrates, kneads and sometimes heat up just to relieve tension.

All in One Massager

For its flexibility purposes, the all in one massager consists of different components and attachments. They can be used in every part of the body, inclusion of the neck and the shoulders.

Pillow Massager

This type of pillow comes in two different shapes. Either like an ordinary pillow or a U-shape that is often wrapped around the neck. When switched on, the pillow massager’s units that are beneath the pillows’ comforting external cover give the user relaxing feelings.

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Factors to Consider when choosing the best Neck & Shoulder Massager

Manual or Electric

A very important consideration this is when set to pick your ideal massager. A lot of units on the market today use battery power to run, but still there are some that are purely manual. For users who are prone to travel frequently with their massager, then the manual or battery powered massagers, would be fit for them. The electric massagers are very efficient and easy to use, but there is nothing much they can do when you experience power shortage.

The Massage Techniques

Shiatsu massage is considered something of standard today in home massagers. Beating and kneading are some of the available techniques that alternate to some products. It will benefit the user to be aware of what kind of massage works best for the specific needs in mind. Percussion massagers transmit deep vibrations into the user’s muscles by the use of hammers while the vibrating massagers are totally opposite because they just vibrate on the skin surface and the user’s muscles beneath is kneaded.

The Heat Therapy of the Massager

Among the functions of a massager is muscle recovery, which relies on heat for its excellent working and even improvement of blood circulation. When there is a good blood flow within the body, there is a faster elimination of waste and delivery of nutrients and hence quick recovery. This is why high-end neck and even shoulder massagers mostly have heat features. Good stress-busters feature is offered by most versatile massagers which makes them give a range of variety therapeutic techniques. If you introduce a little more variety to the massaging activities can save you from getting stale.

The Functionality and Design

The market today offers a lot of different neck massagers’ design types. Some of them are designed in a way that they can wrap the neck around from the behind, while others just look like basic pillows. Often do we find manual massagers being manufactured in the style of canes with point of pressure knob. On the other hand, available are electric massagers that can use both plug-in power and battery. It is recommended to have a consideration of a range of designs that are available before settling down to your choice.

The Alternate Uses

For one to have the effective satisfaction of his/her money when acquiring a massager, you need to feel it deliver the benefits you had in mind and the need for the massager. Most people would prefer getting a massager that is versatile enough and can work in more areas of the body, probably from the head to the toe.

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The Massage Settings

Human bodies experience a lot of different kinds of muscle pain and in different regions of the body. It is also very hard for one to tell where the next muscle pain will be and that is why it is of importance to have a massager that has multiple of different settings.

Weight and Size

The reasons for having to consider the weight and size of the massager as a factor is how and where you want it to be of use to you. If you travel often and want to be carrying your massager with you on your trips, then lightweight massagers are ideal for you because they can fold up to fitting a snugly bag. The size and weight of the device can make a difference as far as operations is concerned. The lighter the device, the easier it is to use and the chances of a user getting too fatigued rarely occur.

 Availability of Additional Features

Massagers come with some additional features like timers that are designed to offer so much comfort to the user, to a point of getting to fall asleep while using them. Automatic cutoffs are created to prevent occurrences of accidents and getting bruises while using the massager. Cutoffs also prevent excessive usage of electricity when one is done using the massager. In case you are interested in hand-held electric models, have a keen look at the offered length of the power cord. Battery power is something you will look at when you are looking for greater versatility on the massager.

Convenience of the Massager

Neck massagers are ideally considered to be easy to use with a little study required. One should look for a massager with clear controls and it operates by having its own functioning button. Pressing multiple times on a button maybe be delicate and prone to accidents happening to the user of the massager. Non-handled models are designed for those who like to be hands free while still using the massager. Massagers that are designed to be attached to the drape or chair are more convenient because you massage will still be without you having to deal with constant interruptions.

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Cost of the Massager

It is important to get a massager that equals to your budget. But as much as it is good to have set a reasonable amount for it, a user should make sure they do not end up making a sacrifice on quality and durability for just a slight break into the cost.


All complex electronics have a specified duration by the manufactures and sellers that the device should work as desired and in case of any problem, the device gets returned to the manufacturer. When choosing a massager, it is not any difference. Ensure you choose one with a warranty plan.

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