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Buying Guide for The Best Floor Vacuum

Everybody wants to have floors that are dust free, not only does it make your house look cleaner, it’s also safe for young children to play on the floor. That’s why having the best floor vacuum cleaner is very crucial. The many brands of vacuum cleaners in the market can be very confusing, and you might be tempted to buy something that a friend or a family member has recommended, only to find out it doesn’t work for you.

Below are some important tips you can use when shopping for your next floor vacuum cleaner.

What are the types of floor vacuum cleaners?

What kind of cleaning do you do on your floor? This should be the first question when looking for a floor vacuum cleaner. Also, what kind of floor do you have, are there rugs and/or carpets on the floor? Tile floors are easier to clean compared to the hardwood. If you have lighter tasks when cleaning then hand held vacuum will be the best option to go for. Below we have listed the pros and cons of the floor vacuum cleaners that you will find in the market.

I. The Upright Vacuum Cleaner:


they are more affordable compared to the canister floor vacuum and have a cleaning swath that is wider. The best tools for cleaning carpets, especially the carpets that are bagged. They can also be stored easily.


they are little heavier and can very tedious to push and pull, however, there are lighter models. The best performers weigh from 20 pounds. They are also noisier, unlike the canister vacuum cleaners.

II. The Canister Vacuum Cleaner


they are the best machines for cleaning stairs, bare floors, drapes, under the furniture and the upholstery. Some models work just as effective as the upright cleaners when used to clean carpets. They are lighter in weight since they have a power head that is separate. They are quieter.


they cannot be stored easily because of the wand and the hose, and they are also bulkier, unlike their upright brothers.

III. The Stick Vacuum Cleaner



just like the upright cleaners, they are made with tall handles, powerheads, and bodies. Most of these models are powered by batteries. They are very convenient when doing a quick clean of a mess and they are lightweight. No bending when using these floor vacuum cleaners when cleaning your dirty floor.


compared to the full-size vacuum cleaners they don’t perform effectively when cleaning carpets. They are not the conventional floor vacuum instead they function best in picking up litters on the surface. They have a small dirt bin capacity and they are noisy to some extent.


Best Floor Vacuum upright

IV. The Hand-Held SurfaceVacuum Cleaner



They are small and can be corded or not. Very effective in light, fast, surface cleaning of your bare floors and carpets that are short piled. Some models can also clean pet hair. They can also be used to clean the interior of your car.


These vacuum cleaners do not have the capacity and power of the other models.


V. The Robotic Floor Vacuum Cleaner


they can effectively do the grudging work as you relax.  When cleaning an uncluttered room they can offer impeccable touching up between manual and regular vacuum sessions. The advanced models are able to navigate in tight spots or where there are extension cords. More recent models can be controlled using a mobile application.


they don’t offer effective deep cleaning like the canister and upright floor vacuum cleaners. If your floor has area rugs or shag carpets, then you shouldn’t use the robotic vacuum cleaner.

VI. The Central Vacuum Cleaner



They are more user friendly than the canister cleaners. They are also quiet and don’t have a vacuum body just the powerhead and the hose. You will need to empty the dirt chambers frequently.


they are very expensive and will need professional installation. They have a 30-foot hose which takes plenty of storage space, hence cumbersome to move around. They lack an in-unit storage place for storing cleaning tools.

All these types of vacuum cleaners suit different cleaning needs that buyers have. Therefore, it’s good to understand what you are looking for and consider all the other factors that we look at in this guide.


Best Floor Vacuum robot

The Fundamental Control Features

When shopping, you will need to check the control features of your vacuum cleaner. These features improve the efficiency and performance of your machine when operating. Look for something that will suit your needs, do not be attracted to fancy features and controls which you might need at the end of the day. Some of the basic control features to always check on your floor vacuum cleaner are:


The Extra Cleaning Tools:

literally, all the models will have the basic tools that are needed for cleaning your floor. These tools will include round brush used for dusting, the upholstery brush small in size and a narrower tool for the crevices. There are some cleaners that will have edge cleaners which is one of the optional tools. It’s useful in picking debris that is below the section of the cleaner’s cleaning head and very efficient when you are cleaning a floor that has been carpeted completely.

The Bagged or the Bagless:


bags are common with the canister and upright vacuums. They are used for collecting dirt. However, the bagged version has a larger holding capacity of dirt and an indicator meant to show you if the bin/bag is full. They will also save you money that you will use in buying bags, however, they tend to use extra filters (HEPA filters), which must be cleaned and/or replaced frequently. The replacement filters are more costly compared to the bags. The bagged, however, have the challenge of emptying the cleaner’s dustbin then cleaning the filter, this can expose someone to possible air allergens and pathogens and it’s also messy. 

The Bare-Floor Varieties:


if you have a bare floor, then you must look for features that will be helpful in cleaning vinyl, hardwood and the uncarpeted floor areas in your house. However, tiles are very easy to clean. Check for the bare floor settings and the vacuum brush that is on/off switch.

The Brush Agitator/ Roller brush:


its located under the machine, it contains bristles which are attached to the agitator. It works by spanning the width. It can dislodge dust and dirt from your carpet, hence easily be picked up by the intake. Other models will have these roller brush turned off when you are cleaning floors that are bare. This is because the rotating brush will move the debris and dirt away before they are sucked up, not to mention if you have rugs they can be thrown around or get tangled.

Best Floor Vacuum cyclone

The suction control and the adjustment of the carpet pile heights:

the switch that is used when controlling the suction helps you in lowering the amount of air flow, through the cleaner’s hose. This is very useful when you are cleaning curtains and upholstery. The adjustment feature is a very useful feature when adjusting the height of your vacuum cleaner so that it meets the pile height of your carpet. This will allow for thorough cleaning and easy movement. Having a manual adjustment is more effective even though some models do have the automatic adjustment feature.

The Filter:

many models in the market claim to have the filtering ability, hence particles can pass through your cleaner and get out through the machine’s exhaust. If your machine has micro-filters, then you will enjoy an increased level of filtration compared to the standard models. If you have asthma, its best to look for the HEPA filtration since they lower the amount of emission.

The Cord Control:

a common scenario in the canister models, rewinding the cord is possible by using the push or the slight tug button. Most cleaners will have electrical cords that have a minimum length of 20 feet. The upright models have the cord release clips: the cord can be free instead of wrapping it once.


very helpful in pulling and pushing of the cleaner and utilizes a drive system and transmission to operate. It needs very little effort, the only challenge is that it will make your cleaner heavy, very difficult to lift and carry.

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Trying the vacuum cleaner out

When shopping for any electronic, a small demo on how the device works is very important. This will help you in noting any defect in the machine. If you are unable to make a physical purchase you can opt for an online one, however, you must check the warranty and the return policy of the product. When trying out the vacuum, ask the help of the salesperson so that you don’t cause any damage to the product and you have not yet paid. Remember the effectiveness of the machine is clearly represented during the demonstration period. When trying out the vacuum cleaner start by pushing, pulling, turning and lifting the cleaners that you plan to buy. Look at the control features of the machine, is it user friendly.

How quiet is your Floor Vacuum Cleaner?

When looking for a vacuum cleaner, everyone will want something that is not noisy. Well, there is no model that is 100% silent when operating, never the less the models haven’t reached levels that will be recommended for one to get hearing protection when using these machines. The canister floor vacuums are some of the models that are quieter.

Watching for possible sale discounts.

Everyone is always looking for a discount for a good product. Discounts attract many buyers and that’s why shopping during the holiday is more fun. Some wait for Black Friday discounts, however you can get frequent updates about manufacturer’s or store discounts if you sign up for their newsletter and email list. You will get coupons and constant updates of their upcoming promotions. It’s also a good way of being updated on how to take care of the machine and also ways of accessing help in case you experience any difficulty with the operation of the vacuum cleaner.

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