This is a Mintbuilder Review for those who are not sure if Mintbuilder is a legit opportunity or scam. Mintbuilder is a crowd sourced mint takes the form of a monthly subscription where you receive an MS70 coin every month that adds up in value.

While crypto enthusiasts are accumulating Bitcoin and Alt coins through investment programs like ICOs and High Yielding Investments or trading, these digital assets could implode anytime as crypto is a speculative asset not backed by anything. FIAT, on the other hand, is experiencing inflation with government printing more and more. The only asset that is safe for sure are Gold and Silver which are precious metals and have a history of value that goes back millennia. Even if there is another financial collapse, Gold and Silver will be safe.

The smart investor knows better to not put all of his eggs into one digital basket and gets into the habit of allocating a small amount on a monthly basis to a tangible assets accounts like gold and silver. Mintbuilder allows just that with their monthly growth plan where you get gold/silver sent straight to your home. According to Mintbuilder:

Did you know that if you have been collecting 1 mint coin each month since 1986, your mint collection would have been worth well over $1,000,000?

Below is a video for your Mintbuilder Review

The costs of getting started is a $199 one time fee to get started followed by a monthly fee of $127 a month. This fee of $127 a month can be waived if you personally recruit a new member to the program. You can pay this fee with BTC or fiat.

MintBuilder Compensation: An Opportunity to Earn By Helping Others Diversify

Mintbuilder also has an affiliate program where you do receive a commission for bringing others to the program but unlike other MLMs, Mintbuilder has a unique commission structure such that everyone joining is placed in a chain and all subsequent is placed under those who joined regardless of who their upline is. This means if you join today, everyone who joins through your upline will be placed UNDER YOU and the activity of those people placed under you will count towards your overall business points and commission. This is a great program for those who are not typical MLMers and may not be the best at recruiting as you will not be working on your own, your team will grow with people above and below you building your team.

We all know someone who is into crypto whether this is the person who got you into crypto, people from your local bitcoin meetup or even people you discuss crypto with on forums. Do they have a diversification plan? Are they putting all of their eggs into one basket? If they are, Mintbuilder may be a great diversification option for them. Once you are eligible for commission, you can choose to receive it in BTC or FIAT.


The unique thing about MintBuilder is that MintBuilder’s affiliate system is a binary system allowing only two immediate downlines per member. All subsequent registrations are PASSED DOWN to a downline and should that immediate downline has two, they’re passed to the downline’s downline. This model allows leaders and champions to SHARE referrals; allowing everyone to have a team (Refer to our community link referral initiative below).

My Personal takeaway- MintBuilder Review:

As a conservative investor, I would consider Mintbuilder as a fair hedging tool as it is always a good idea to diversify your assets into different forms. A smart investor may be able to start a coin selling business and write off their expenses like how self employed side hustlers are able to write off phone, car, food, computer expenses. If you plan to eventually go full time into crypto, a coin selling business may be a good transition to go into without having to start a business from scratch as they have a business model for you to go into.

Further review of their domain shows that they intend to stay for the long game and you they are not hiding behind a curtain. Their CEO is on a few videos and emails.


Who would I recommend MintBuilder to?

The 32 year old who is building up his crypto wealth and is not diversified into anything and is looking for ways to hedge his investment risks. He may have a lot invested into HYIPs and Alts and worried that it may implode any day and want to have an automatic system that stores away his BTC in a tangible asset.

I would also recommend Mintbuiler to the crypto investor who is looking to transition from hobby to part time/full time crypto lifestyle where he needs a business entity to write off tax expenses. Without a business entity, all of his income will be taxed to the fullest extent (BTC to USD = Taxation ; BTC to Physical coins = taxation minimized if done properly)

Final Words on Mintbuilder Review:

If you find this Mintbuilder Review to be helpful, consider joining Mintbuilder today. Our community is doing a recruitment matrix where we are encouraging our network of crypto communities with over 10,000 people in total to join MintBuilder and grow their wealth through diversification. The sooner you join, the more of the joiners you will receive under you.

Link Referral Initiative

We want everyone in our community to be successful and will be setting up a link rotator to allow everyone who joins to receive personal referrals/downlines. We will be doing this in 3 rounds and subsequent rounds will be conducted with an ad campaign to ensure a constant inflow of new joiners.

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Our goal is to help our community members find success and we will help everyone by providing leads/referrals and training such that you can grow your team. Unlike other YouTubers and reviewers who just sign you up and leave you, we know that we all have families to support and bills to pay at the end of the day and we want to provide you the support you need for your crypto success. 

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