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Tonneau covers are also known as truck bed covers and are very good accessories that each truck owner ought to have. Truck bed covers offer consumers added gas mileage all at zero cost. Apart from that, they also improve the aesthetic appeal and safety of your belongings that are stored in your truck’s bed. There are a wide variety of tonneau covers being sold, these varieties are:

  • Hard top
  • Soft roll up
  • Folding
  • Tilt
  • Hinged
  • Motorized retractable tonneau covers

These tonneau covers are also made from different types of materials (metal, fiberglass or leather. Different brands are also available and the designs suit different trucks. With the white variety of options to pick from, many consumers have an opportunity to fully customize their trucks perfectly by getting the best tonneau cover for their vehicle.

The Different Varieties of Tonneau/ Truck Bed Covers

We mentioned previously that the tonneau covers are made from different brands and manufacturers hence a wide variety of truck covers for consumers. The very popular brands in the market are the hinged covers, soft roll up covers, folding covers, retractable covers and the hard top covers. All these types of tonneau covers have been designed you have different ways of opening up when you want to reveal the stuff that you kept inside the truck. When picking the best design, it’s good to take into consideration your personal preference, compatibility of the tonneau cover to your truck and finally the overall appearance of your truck after installing the truck bed cover. We give a short detailed review of each type of tonneau cover so that you can know the options you have when purchasing a truck bed cover.

The Hard Top Tonneau/ Truck Bed Cover

They have a smooth look and offers maximum security to the bed coverings of your truck. They are also very durable. Most buyers refer to the hard top covers as the “original” or “genuine” tonneau truck covers. The material used in constructing these covers is solid and offers supreme protection and safety against all-weather elements. The major challenge is that they are quite heavy when removed from the box and will need more than one person to fully install them on the truck correctly. They cannot be broken open/torn or cut hence considered to be the best for securing your goods. The bed rails and the stake pockets have fats and hard connections, which provides a firm seal keeping out snow and rain. The hard top and the tailgate latch together to give a more firm and complete seal. They come in a variety of color for consumers to choose from. 

Best Tonneau Cover

The Soft Roll Up Tonneau/ Truck Bed Cover

Just as their names suggest, these tonneau covers roll up. The rolling up starts at the tailgate and ends at the truck cab. The soft roll tonneau covers are constructed from vinyl (heavy duty) and support frames made of aluminum. They are very easy to install and require no drilling. They offer protection from weather elements, hence keeping your cargo dry. Some of the soft roll up tonneau covers snap when closing while others have a trigger latch. They, however, do not offer maximum security compared other brands that normally snap along the truck’s bed frame, tailgate, and rails when closing. The available types of soft roll tonneau covers are Velcro, snap-less and the snap design. The most common color of these tonneau covers is black, even though they are also available in a wide variety of colors. They are also very affordable.

The Hinged Tonneau/ Truck Bed Covers

The hinged tonneau covers are very similar to your regular truck lid you will find on a sedan. They are mainly constructed to allow truck owners to have easy access to the cargo by simply lifting the cover with minimal effort. The opening section of the hinged tonneau cover is located on the tailgate of the truck. The hinges, on the other hand, are located close to the truck cab and are very convenient since they can be uninstalled quickly when you have larger cargo, which cannot fit inside the bed cover. They are produced by many manufacturers. The hinged tonneau covers are made in different styles. Those made of fiberglass can be painted so as to match the color of your truck. They have a wide price range depending on the variety of hinged tonneau cover you will decide to buy.

Best Tonneau Truck Bed Cover

The Retractable Tonneau/ Truck Bed Covers

These tonneau covers are a combination of soft top tonneau cover and the hard top tonneau cover. By combining features from these tonneau covers, the retractable tonneau cover functions like a garage door to the bed of your truck. Aluminum panels that are heavy gauged and heavy duty are used in making the retractable tonneau covers. They combine the sleekness, modern styling and security to offer the best tonneau covers. They come with advanced intermediate locking positions (averagely 12 inches). The locking positions permit the owner of the truck to open the cover all the way or just partially. When installing the retractable tonneau covers no drilling is required instead the clamping mechanism is used, hence less time needed to install it. Black being the most common and standard color for the retractable tonneau covers, however, other color options are also available for buyers. The upper section of these truck bed covers is power coated hence ability to resist moisture. Some manufacturers have started including the push button opening, hence less opening time.

The Folding Tonneau/ Truck Bed Covers

The folding tonneau covers are constructed to suit consumers who have trucks of all models and makes. They are also made from a wide variety of materials including vinyl and aluminum. They can fold to any direction, side to side or back to front. This is done so as to improve the versatility of these tonneau covers hence more accommodating to buyers. When considering to buy this type of tonneau covers, the number of folding should be given maximum consideration. The more panels are placed in the folding tonneau cover the smaller the amount of space the cover can fold into a given storage. They are known to improve mileage by 15% and are resistant to corrosion, rust and weather elements. You can either close or leave the folding covers open when driving. They open up within a few seconds. Most of the brands feature a latching shut system. The standard color of the folding tonneau covers is black, however, these truck bed covers can be customized to suit the personal color preference of the buyer. They have a wide price range depending on the brand and number of folding panels.

Best Tonneau Cover Truck Bed

After understanding the different types of tonneau covers, it’s good to look at other factors that will help you in determining the best truck bed cover for your truck. These factors are:

  1. The Custom fit of the Tonneau Cover

When shopping for a tonneau cover, make sure it can fit comfortably on the truck cover without having to modify the bed of your truck. Even though most tonneau covers do fit, it’s good to double check and be on the safe side before making a purchase.

  1. The weight of the Tonneau Cover

Checking the weight of the tonneau cover is very important. Since you will be using the truck bed cover to protect your cargo (which might be heavy) you definitely don’t need any extra weight on your truck when driving. Also, light weight bed truck covers are much easier to install and are more convenient to access compared to the heavy ones. The weight of the tonneau cover is determined by the type of material used in constructing it.

  1. The Locking System of the Tonneau Cover

In order to guarantee you the maximum security of your cargo, the locking system of the tonneau cover needs to be top notch. This will make sure your belongings are secure from theft even when you are not close to your truck. The tailgate needs to have a firm and secure locking system. The snatch system equally needs to be very efficient and of high quality so as to enhance the security of your belongings.

  1. The strength and durability of the Tonneau Cover

Durability happens to be one of the universal factors that are considered when purchasing any product. Durability will determine whether the product you buy was a worthy investment in the long run or it was just a waste of money. To determine the durability of any tonneau cover you need to look at its strength. The tonneau cover needs to very strong and durable. A strong tonneau cover will be able to handle unexpected sudden impacts from objects and heavy loads. Durability and strength are solely determined by the type of material used in making the tonneau cover. A good material will be scratch resistant, weather element resistant, corrosion resistant and wear resistant hence guarantee durability to the consumer.

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Taking into consideration the above factors consumers will be ready to pick their best tonneau cover from our list of the best tonneau covers in the market. Even though the market might have multiple listings, we recommend to you only the best of the best tonneau covers, which will not only offer you the needed security, customized look but also very affordable.

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