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The world has given hoverboards many different names like Segways, self-balancing boards or mini-Segways. These wonderful toys have been highly in demand since 2015, especially in the UK. Thanks to the online market, hoverboards can be found easily and they come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors. However, just like most products in the market, it’s hard to know which one will suit you and the best type of hoverboards to buy.

We will take you through the types of features that are found in the different types of hoverboards. We also look at the different legal regulations that are associated with using hoverboards and the best hover boards you will find in the market.

The Underwriter Laboratories (UL) is a company that focusses on testing different electric equipment in the market and determining their effectiveness and safety of the equipment. The organization did some tests on the hoverboards when they were introduced into the market. The tests were to determine the quality of the hoverboards and their components, the hoverboard’s resilience even when they are used inappropriately. The manufacturing structure of the hoverboards was also tested. The hoverboards were subjected to drops, vibrations, water exposure, motor overloads, extreme temperature variations and different types of physical stress.

The 2272 standard is used UL in regulating the hoverboards. All the hoverboards that have been given a legitimate 2272 UL certification are completely safe to use. When buying hoverboards make sure that the hover board is certified by UL.

Below is a list of a few companies that produce hoverboards that have the 2272 UL certification:

  • Hoverzon
  • Swagtron
  • Razor
  • Powerboard
  • Segway

Below we give you a list of the 7 best hoverboards for different categories, which you should consider buying in 2018.

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Hoverboards with Best Features

  1. Swagtron T1

Swagtron was a company that started from the ashes, through hard work and determination managed to grow. The company rebranded to Swagway LLC. The company is known for producing the most innovative modern hoverboards in the world. The two innovative models are Swagtron T1 and T3. These two models all have the Sentry Shield System, which carefully encases the hover board’s battery in aluminum. This is to prevent the batteries catching fire during incidences of malfunctioning. The wheels are made of silicone and they have arch scratch protectors. The T1 and T3 Swagtron hoverboards feature a learning mode for all its users, the features make the response system of the hoverboards to be softer. This allows the user to easily step on and off the hoverboard. The Swagtron T1 has managed to bridge the wide gap between the affordability of hoverboards and high quality components. Compared to the other competitors, it doesn’t feature rich features, but the amount of reliability is impressive. The structure of the T1 is excellent for its price.

  1. The Swagtron T3

The Swagtron T3 has most of the features that are found in the T1 model, the only difference is that it has Bluetooth speakers. It also has a performance mode, hence they are responsiveness is very high and their speed is quite fast. The model is more loved by the younger generation since they get to enjoy listening to the music as they use the hoverboards. The extra power in the T3 makes it ideal for the heavy riders and on surfaces that are inclined.

  1. The Hoverzon

Hoverzon happens to be a hoverboard company based in Las Vegas. Hoverzon seems to be using a similar manufacture to Swagtron. Their products are very similar. The Hoverzon XLS and Hoverzon S are very similar to the T1 and T3 models from Swagtron. The same features that are present in the T1 and T3, are the same you will find in the S and XLS models of the Hoverzon brand. In this article whatever we write related to the Swagtron applies to the Hoverzon models. Compared to the two Swagtron still stands out because it has beet customer support.

Best Hoverboard for Novice Riders

  1. The Razor Hovertrax (2.0)

This company is well established and many focuses on making kids’ toys and scooters. They started producing hoverboards when hoverboard was receiving bad publicity due to the UL certification. The patent rights for the hoverboards were purchased by Razor from the Hovertrax (who was the original creator). The Hovertrax concept was believed to the first concept of hoverboards. The 2.0 model by Razor Hovertrax is a 6.5 inches hoverboard, and has redesigned for marketing and branding purposes. This was better than introducing any new formality. This design has rubber guards that are included in the hoverboard’s wheel arches. This is more cost efficient since you are not required to buy wheel guards separately and also your boards are protected from any form of scratching. Unlike the T1 and T3 models by Swagtron, that have silicone guards, the 2.0 model has rubber guards. The “EverBalance” technology guarantees no tumbling of the board even when you dismount or fall while using the hoverboard. This minor feature makes the Hovertrax 2.0 as the best hoverboard to be used by the novice riders.

Best Affordable Hoverboard

  1. The Powerboard by Hoverboard

It can be considered to be a lazy hoverboard and most of the models from Powerboard by Hoverboard were just modified so that they can be able to pass the inspection by UL and get the 2272 certification.  The models did not have any functional or cosmetic changes and the features were just similar to the previous generation of their hoverboards. These hoverboards are very affordable.

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Best Hoverboards for Rough Terrain


The EPIKGO happens to be a new invention in the market, bringing in new designs of hoverboards. The models by EPIKGO are marketed and branded as the off road hoverboards. For the first time, it introduces an 8.5 inch wheels that are made of solid rubber. This makes the hoverboards perfect for all types of terrain like gravel and grass. The miniPRO version of the EPIKGO hoverboards is bulky and certified by UL. The IP 56 is also certified by UL.  This model is waterproof, cannot be submerged in water, and users should not be worried about getting wet. The best hoverboard to use on the beach and still enjoy a good ride on your hoverboard. The hoverboard has bigger standing platforms, this offers a stance which a little wider. Wider stance offers extra stability when riding the hoverboard on rough terrain. Compared to all the other hoverboards, this is the heaviest hoverboard. Its total weight is 31lbs. It’s important that your battery has enough charge to allow the hoverboard to ride you back home, or else you will have to carry the board and it will be tiresome since it’s very heavy. The EPIKGO has an improved fast charging technology for its batteries and allows the hoverboard to have full mile range of 10 to 12 miles. With your two hour battery charge. This very remarkable compared to the battery charge of the other hoverboards and their miles coverage. If you are looking for the best hoverboards to use on rough terrains then the EPIKGO hoverboards will be the best option for you. The power from the motors of these hoverboards is impressive and the design is sleek.

  1. The Segway miniPRO

When the hoverboard industry started booming, Segway felt like it was missing out and not getting any of the hoverboard action. The hoverboard should have been dominated by Segway since they happen to have many years experiencing in the production of self-balancing transportation gadgets/ devices. They took their time to do some extensive research on hoverboards before coming up with their own refined product. This was done by their strategic acquisition of the Ninebot Company. The Ninebot had been a company that for many years had been offering the unicycles industry very reliable and fancy electric unicycles. The hoverboards from Segway don’t really identify as hoverboards since they are way bigger and have weird knee supports. It’s very costly compared to the other hoverboards on our list. The miniPRO model had been initially developed by the Ninebot Company, apart from that it was the first hoverboard to get the 2272 UL certification. The certification was awarded in May 2016. The wheels are 10 inches and very large and hence very capable of handling all types of rough terrains like cracks, gravel, small steps, and grass.

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Warning: Purchasing Hoverboards from China

In 2015 the UK consumer market of hoverboard was shocked to discover that 15000 of the 17000 hoverboards that had been examined at the UK ports were found to be very dangerous, after being examined by UK’s, National Trading Standards agency. The number of fake hoverboards being sold was very high. Most Chinese manufacturers make their own hoverboards that are non-branded. These hoverboards are available cheaply on many online markets. These hoverboards can overheat and finally explode because of technical malfunction of the charging cables and the onboard batteries of the hoverboards. When buying hoverboards do make sure they are certified by UL. The UL certified hoverboards will offer you safety and enjoyment when riding the hoverboards.

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