Super~Ascension Coaching

Did you know that within you is a greater, epic, legendary story, that you never knew existed? Within you is an Ascended Superhero, a heroic character of exemplary qualities, and astounding Divine superpower gifts.

All you have to do is open the doorway, and discover the key…

Super~Ascension Coaching is a unique method based upon Divine insight, coaching. and psychology. It activates and awakens your inner Ascended Superhero and your real, Divine superpower gifts, so you can serve your very special mission in the world.

1) Discover your Superhero Vision, Values and Purpose

What is your purpose? Who are you? What are you here to do? Super~Ascension Coaching begins with discovering your sacred identity, the deeper most amazing story about you, your unique code of values and the purpose that ignites your passion, and uplifts you with joy.

2) Dissolve away all your blocks and fears

Discover the hidden inner knowledge and wisdom to fully liberate yourself. Dissolve away your fears, and uncover new solutions to challenges that have kept you stuck or trapped for years. Freely awaken and expand your being, establish your newly planted foundation, and you will be victorious.

3) Receive distinct Superpowers

When you are ready, during your journey through Super~Ascension Coaching, you will receive brilliant tools and special abilities unique to you. These abilities are to be used with great care, in alignment with Divine service, Love and Light. Your Divine superpower gifts will be with you wherever you go, and will be a part of you.  When you land in a situation, you can pull out your “star button,” your “flying hippopotamus” or whatever your Divine superpower gift may be, and miraculously transform your workplace, relationships, world events, and more.

4) Live your Superhero Mission, and miraculously create your legacy

Brilliantly lead and inspire the world, using your extraordinary, Divine superpower gifts, in your enlightened presence. Experience a fresh new level of elation by serving the world, creating miracles, and shining your Light for multiple generations to come.

Super~Ascension Coaching Packages

Super~Ascension Mastery

  • Receive highly advanced Superhero development and training
  • Become enlightened and develop specialized, Divine superpowers
  • Serve humanity and the world in exceptional ways
  • Live your purpose, create your legacy, and inspire generations
  • Includes the Higher Creation Table, Discovery Sessions and the Designing the Alliance Session and bonus gifts

Super~Ascension Quest

  • Activate your unique superpowers
  • Explore your journey
  • Transform challenges into successes
  • Dissolve blocks and fears
  • Make an extraordinary impact on the world
  • Includes the Higher Creation Table, Discovery Sessions, the Designing the Alliance Session and bonus gifts

Super~Ascension Discovery

  • Discover who you are as a Superhero
  • Clear away what is holding you back
  • Awaken your potential
  • Includes the Higher Creation Table, Discovery Sessions and the Designing the Alliance Session and bonus gifts

Super~Adventure Sessions

  • Discover deeper clarity
  • Overcome a fear or mighty challenge
  • Create the foundation to activate your unique, Divine superpower gift


Coaching on-the-go at your convenience:

  • 15 min. written coaching per email session in a password-protected pdf file
  • Receive detailed inquiry questions to discover greater insight and deeper wisdom to guide your life
  • Bring forth your inner Superhero and activate your Divine superpowers
  • includes the Higher Creation Table + bonus gifts

Wondering which adventure to begin? You are invited to receive a free, 15 min. Discovery Call

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