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Featured in Peace Arch News – August 14, 2014

Superhero Success Stories

I realized very quickly, when I first met Erin, that she was unique and very special. Her ability to perceive what is not visible to most is extra ordinary. I have experienced Erin’s wonderful ways in moving stuck energy. Erin facilitated an opening of my heart space in a powerful way. As a consequence I am more conscious and much more connected to my thoughts and emotions. I am more fully the driver of my mind, instead of my mind driving me. I find Erin to be creative, humble, and knowledgeable; wholly, an expert in her field.

Terri-Lynn Weatherby – Licensed Optician/Contact Lens Fitter, Optimeyes

“When I first met Erin, I was all over the place. I had no focus. I wasn’t painting regularly. I was happy, but I wasn’t overly excited about life. From our very first session, she gave me one simple piece of advice that I just needed to paint (two paintings a week, or even if I could paint everyday. Since doing that, I’ve been selling artwork and a nice profit, I’m renting art. I now have a total of close to fifty paintings and the paintings that I’m creating are really free, they don’t take a lot of thought, they came right from my heart, my soul-centre. I am now making a substantial profit in my business, I work in the film industry as a scenic artist, getting paid to do what I love. Erin has helped me to find that connection in my inner self and to believe in my paintbrush and myself and that I should just go do it. Erin has such wonderful gifts and talents and a way of bringing out the best in people, not just for your business, but for yourself.”

Sussanne Hoiberg – Artist, Vendel Arts

“Impressive. At first, Erin’s metaphorical “superhero” analytical approach to coaching was challenging for me to wrap my head around, however I was impressed with the level of detail she was able to help me crystallize. Her ability to extract, organize and summarize the ideas I had been wrestling with delivered a level of clarity that I had been needing. Within six months of beginning our coaching discussions, I outlined, wrote – and completed – the 600 page, 4-volume set of books that I had been wanting to write. If you are lacking clarity about the precise direction you need to take your next project, I encourage you to talk to Erin.”

Jason Jantzi – Positioning Coach

“Erin has helped me with seeing the world in a different way, and enhancing that to make me come alive as a Superhero. Erin helped me to go to another level of supreme joy that I was not aware could exist.”

Angella Cottreau – Hairdresser

“I have always struggled to find the best ways to get past my ‘blocks’. In working with Erin, she gave me the ability to see things from a different perspective and open my mind to what I already knew, but couldn’t access. It has never felt like work – more like an adventure and I would recommend Erin to anyone wanting to discover the deeper parts of themselves.”

Ronda Payne – Copywriter, Non-fiction Freelance Writer and Creative Writer

“Erin has the ability to make you recognize thoughts and feelings hidden in your basement. She really forces you to reflect deep and hard on the spot.”

University of British Columbia Alumnus

“The greatest benefit I received from coaching was the ability to move forward. I got a freedom within my soul and emotions, the emotional freedom to move forward with building my business and really sculpting my life to what I really want it to be. I’ve gained a strong focus. I’m much more focused on what I’m working on, and I’ve regained excitement for what I’m doing in my business again. Working with Erin has made me realize there’s nothing that can defeat me because she will help me break through it. I love you! Thank you.”

“I was having general body pain all day, to the point where I wasn’t even able to sit still. Erin worked on me, and within ten minutes, had cleared my pain. I was able to sleep, I was able to sit down and get my work done, and I’m happily pain free.”

Katherine Scheske

“Erin is a true Gem! I have worked with Erin for over a year now and find she never ceases to amaze me. Every time I speak with her she has a profound piece of wisdom to share and has the unique ability to manifest her intentions to reality. In today’s busy world we often overlook the power of thought and creativity to achieve results and Erin has found a very unique way of looking outside of the box and providing solutions that transcend our conscious world. As a business professional I have learned to appreciate the value of what Erin does. In 6 months I have watched my business triple from Clients coming to me with little or no effort just as Erin had set the intention for. Thank you Erin for being awesome! “

Danny Kerr – Managing Partner, BTA Breakthrough Academy

“During an uncertain time in my life, Erin helped me realize that I was letting my own mental barriers hold me back from achieving greatness! She encouraged me to push my thinking to come up with solutions to my perceived barriers in my life. After just one coaching session, I achieved mental clarity and began to come up with solutions to knock down all my barriers. Erin assisted me to realize that my Master’s Leadership course was actually holding me back. With this change in thinking, I was able to withdraw from the course, solving both money and time barriers. Erin is an active listener: she determined how important public speaking is to my goals and suggested Toastmasters. I have now joined a Toastmasters in Downtown Vancouver and am on my way to becoming an amazing speaker! Erin is a truly inspirational and pushes you to be your best self! I encourage you to give her a call today!”

Caitlin Kaufmann – Lead Generation & Networking Specialist

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