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“I realized very quickly, when I first met Erin, that she was unique and very special. Her ability to perceive what is not visible to most is extra ordinary. I have experienced Erin’s wonderful ways in moving stuck energy. Erin facilitated an opening of my heart space in a powerful way. As a consequence I am more conscious and much more connected to my thoughts and emotions. I am more fully the driver of my mind, instead of my mind driving me. I find Erin to be creative, humble, and knowledgeable; wholly, an expert in her field.”

Terri-Lynn Weatherby – Licensed Optician/Contact Lens Fitter, Optimeyes

“When I first met Erin, I was all over the place. I had no focus. I wasn’t painting regularly. I was happy, but I wasn’t overly excited about life. From our very first session, she gave me one simple piece of advice that I just needed to paint (two paintings a week, or even if I could paint everyday. Since doing that, I’ve been selling artwork and a nice profit, I’m renting art. I now have a total of close to fifty paintings and the paintings that I’m creating are really free, they don’t take a lot of thought, they came right from my heart, my soul-centre. I am now making a substantial profit in my business, I work in the film industry as a scenic artist, getting paid to do what I love. Erin has helped me to find that connection in my inner self and to believe in my paintbrush and myself and that I should just go do it. Erin has such wonderful gifts and talents and a way of bringing out the best in people, not just for your business, but for yourself.”

Sussanne Hoiberg – Artist, Vendel Arts

“Impressive. At first, Erin’s metaphorical “superhero” analytical approach to coaching was challenging for me to wrap my head around, however I was impressed with the level of detail she was able to help me crystallize. Her ability to extract, organize and summarize the ideas I had been wrestling with delivered a level of clarity that I had been needing. Within six months of beginning our coaching discussions, I outlined, wrote – and completed – the 600 page, 4-volume set of books that I had been wanting to write. If you are lacking clarity about the precise direction you need to take your next project, I encourage you to talk to Erin.”

Jason Jantzi – Positioning Coach

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